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Chhavvii Anant Raj International is a leading organization with its Clothing Brand Gulnaaz creations (TM) manufacturing and supplying large variety of handmade designer winter wears  of lovely patterns with a variety of color combination  foe all age group.

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It is said happiness lies within all of us so we put our loving emotion to create a beautiful handmade item to gift to your loved ones.

 Handmade items not only give you satisfaction with playing different patterns and colors but also give you an employment or being your own boss of your work .

we  wish to all my customers to always gift the bond of  love to interconnect the people. “Love is a thing the more you give, the more you get”  and  in our items you will feel the touch of Handmade happiness.

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Director ‘s Message


“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied to the best of ourselves to the task at hand. “

Founded in 2015, Chhavii Anant Raj International and its Brand Gulnaaz creations   has an impressive  partnership with its customers in the field of handmade  garments.  We are proud to expanding our business and our reputation  all over the world with base in India.  One of the most striking feature of our work culture is dedication, respect, and continuous improvement in the fast changing environment . We measure our success by our customers’ satisfaction.


At Snowhite Seventh Avenue  , we have a clear vision for the future and understand how to manage the changes necessary to reach it. The company Chhavii Anant Raj International  is committed to growth and has ambitious expansion plans.

Managing Director :                                                  Director

Poonam Sirohi                                                    Rakesh Kumar  (Bharat Singh)


Gulnaaz Creations – Excellent yet not expensive
When it comes to Handmade items , be it formal or casual, we  have established itself as one of the leading business environment  and  a  leading  Brand .

The experience of being in the market from the beginning  and knowing exactly the need of the customer has been key for bringing such excellent reputation  ,Excellent yet not expensive  has been a living motto since the beginning. The fact that its own manufacturing in India in enables  the company to bring the product directly to the end customer without any middlemen and cutting down overheads. Naturally, the customer benefits with the resultant low price. The same is true with the brands from India as well. Moreover, with operations controlled from under one umbrella further reduces cost and enables economical prices. 

 We have undoubtedly the biggest collection of Baby  Blankets ,Dresses and  Scarves for adults Woollen dresses and Shawls  for women ,and all type of sweaters for all ages  as displayed on website .

Snowhite has the best and the latest collection  season made available at its showrooms opening shortly across the world . Though exclusive this festival offerings still stick to the company tradition of excellent products at affordable prices;in other words : Excellent yet not expensive.